Aaron & Mary's Handfasting



Because we are both techno geeks and struggle with organization, we've deicded to handle RSVP's through an online form. The link below should take you to a Google foms page that will let you tell us if you are joining us for the handfasting and if you are brining anyone with you. Please RSVP by December 25 at the lastest so we can finalize food and other last minute sundries. We hope to see everyone there!

Handfasting RSVP form link

Lodging Info

We are holding the ceremony and reception at a cabin on Lake Texhoma. The park where the cabin is located has quite a few other cabins, including several next to the one we are using. Here is a link to the park where you can reserve a cabin if you would like to stay overnight. I'm also adding this info to the Facebook Invite so that folks who want to share cabins and/or carpool can coordinate. If you aren't on FB and want in on this coordination, let me know.

Lighthouse Resort and Marina website