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Creative Works

NeverWinter Nights Module- Ockham's Razor

I worked with a team of fellow students to create this prototype for a game module designed to teach the concept of Ockham's Razor. We had no access to programmers or graphic specialists as we created this module. Consequently, we were unable to develop the module beyond this prototype stage. The narrated video capture below provides a brief tour and overview of the module.

Ockham's Razor Video

University of Texas at Dallas eLearning Team website

My team and I developed the structure and organization of this site. The overall design was dictated by the required departmental template. I wrote over 95% of the content on the site and am responsible for maintaining and updating the content. The site was created as a large part of my team's ongoing efforts to promote and improve eLearning at the University of Texas at Dallas.

UTD eLearning Website

The University of Texas at Dallas eLearning Faculty Training Program/eLearning Bootcamp

This entry is a collection of the manuals and instruction sets I created for use in faculty training and support of WebCT and eLearning. Included are examples of the materials used for the WebCT/eLearning Bootcamp, a two day training event that draws people from across the university to teach faculty about a variety of topics including academic dishonesty, copyright, instructional design, library resources, time saving software such as Respondus and StudyMate, and emerging technology such as SecondLife. I hold this event twice a year in the week before the start of each long semester.

The link below will display the Instructor page on the eLearning site. Click on the Resources tab to see a list of WebCT Quick Guides I have created. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY the WebCT Quick Guides are my materials. All other materials on the Resources tab were created by Respondus.

WebCT Quick Guides