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  Collaborative Conflict Resolution
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Insist that the Results Be Based on Some Objective Standard (Criteria)

A principle of fairness or some objective standard should be used to justify a mutually satisfying solution in collaborative conflict resolution. Fair standards can be based on costs, scientific judgement, what a court might decide, ease of compliance, moral or professional standards, equal treatment, and efficiency. For example, we can say:

  • "What you think is the most important criterion or standard to guide our thinking about which solution is best?"
  • "Would you be most satisfied with a solution that is least expensive?"
  • "Would you agree to a solution that we can put into place in the least amount of time?"

Any of these questions can apply to the partners who need more space yet desire to stay close to friends and the children's schools.


Collaborative conflict resolution involves making use of a variety of communication skills to help partners reach their goals.


Step 4: Criteria

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