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  Collaborative Conflict Resolution
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Course Help

I need help using Second Life.

Here are some quick tips on getting around in Second Life.

Moving your avatar

Camera controls

Click actions (clicking on things in Second Life)

Communicating in Second Life

More Second Life help...

Where do I go?

Start with the introduction video on the screen just inside the entrance to the garden. It will introduce the information in the module as well as giving you some tips for moving around in the course. There are also avatars posted throughout the garden that can help you. Just walk up to one and type your question in the chat window.

Where are the course materials?

All of the materials are in and around the tree in the center of the garden. Click on the apples in the tree to access pdf versions of the text. The screens situated around the tree allow you access web version of the text and multimedia content such as video clips and PowerPoint slides.

What if I have questions about the course content?

You can always contact your professor using the Contact Professor link at the top of this page. During your professor's office hours, you can also meet with them in their office in the garden. You are also welcome to talk with your fellow students and post questions to the discussion board in the Help! thread.


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