Interpersonal Communications

  Collaborative Conflict Resolution
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Engaging in Collaborative Conflict Resolution

Here is an example of two students role-playing a conflict resolution scenario. As you watch the clip, think about what worked and what was less successful as they worked toward a resolution. What would you do differently to resolve this conflict?

Role-play the following situations with a partner; and have other members of the class evaluate you and your partners ability to engage in win-win collaborative conflict resolution. You will need to create interests or reasons that underlie yoor positions or solutions to the following conflict situations:

  • A friend wants to go bowling while another friend wants to see a movie.

  • A parent wants her or his teenager to engage in more study time while the teenager wants to get a part-time job.

  • A husband wants to go on an ocean cruise while the wife wants to fix up the house.

  • A partner wants lots of pets while the other partner doesn't want even one.

  • A employee wants a raise while the boss wants to cut back on her or his work hours.


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